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Our Referee Software is pretty special, Integrated with text messaging, email, tournament and league management, live scoring....  EVERYTHING on the one software platform  Try us - we know you will be impressed.


Are you fed up organising your sport by hopping from one software program to another?

Do you find yourself using a referee scheduling program, google calendar, text message software, filling in scores manually. Recording referees expenses and payments in excel?
Or maybe you have double booked a referee? (Horror)  Are you tired of ringing around to see who is available/unavailable.  Have you had to make changes to your game schedule and then manually contact game officials. Not anymore.....

Our system shares data seamlessly and automatically across the one platform reducing your workload, making your administration more efficient.

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Referee management


Dermot O'Mahoney, Leinster Rugby Coordinator

SportLoMo helped dramatically reduce our weekly workload due to the amount of automation built into the software.

Dermot O’Mahoney, - Leinster Rugby Domestic Competitions Manager, Ireland Leinster Rugby



    In our Referee database the NGB can view referee availability, all assignments and personal details for each referee. There is also a quick view menu where the user can view what assignments the referee can be offered.

    All details such as referee grades, referee positions, assessors, coaches, medical doctors etc can be assigned.


    Once the league have selected and finalised their referees for their upcoming games, selecting the ‘notify referees option’ will produce an email to each selected official and will also inform them by text message.

    Each match has a ‘Unique ID’ this allows you to fully track game assignments.

     Each referee will have his own user name and password to gain access to the system.


    Referee/Umpire Role Management: You can specify what abilities each referee role is allowed, and if you want to display the role on the public side of the system.  Manage referee game level restrictions, referee position restrictions and team restrictions.


    Specify Grades: You can create grades for each referee and have your referees sorted by grade and then by name which may make it easier to select qualified referees for certain games

    Field Configuration: The league can pre select which fields they want to be public or hidden. You can assign top level/reduced level of access/visibility to your referees and administrators.

    Automatic Notifications: You can enable (switch on) automatic notifications this will automatically email and SMS a referee if a match schedule was altered.


    Colour coded alerts to notify administrator of potential conflicts in assignments.  Some examples

    Red – Marked as unavailable for selection

    Blue – Referee already selected for a match that day

    Black – Referee is attached to a club for one of the teams playing

    Purple – Referee already selected for a match within 4 days of that date

    Orange – Referee already selected for match within that month


    Hovering over a referee/umpire will give you more detailed information such as the most recent 10 games that he/she has refereed.

    Once the Sports Administrator has nominated their referees – all that is needed is to click ‘update’ at the bottom of the page and these referees will be assigned to these fixtures.

    Each referee is notified of their fixture (game) by SMS and email


    Collecting Results / Pending Results

    Referee/designated Match Official return match result by SMS text message (pre-formatted message).  See our Competition Management software for more. 

    A referee can also enter details for a match directly on to the system. He can enter full details of the score. There is a calculator in this area so if the overall points tally for each team does not compute it will display the text “Mismatch” in red until the proper total of scores are entered.


    Match Reports and Substitutions, Injuries, Discipline reporting

    The referee can also use the box titles to enter a match report, substitutions, injuries and discipline record. If the club has entered his team sheet details prior to the referee uploading his information, the referee will be able to access players and disciplinary information in the discipline record section.

    Once the referee is happy with the information entered he then can click on create report which can be accessed at any time.


    Only publish Referee/Game Official’s assignments when you are ready (finalised).  You control when you want the referee(s) to see the assignment.


    Manage referee and umpire expenses  and payments. 

    • Track games officiated by Match officials through our ‘integrated’ Competition Game Management.
    • Reports on Travel and Expense claims
    • Summary/Management reports
  10. ASSIGNMENTS: Current, Accepted, Rejected, My assignments

    Current Assignments
    These are games that have been delegated by the referees committee/co-ordinator. They need to be either accepted or rejected by the referee. Once they are rejected, a box will appear where they can choose to enter a preformatted message on why they have rejected this fixture or they can enter their own message instead if they choose. If they accept the fixture it will notify the league that they have confirmed that they will referee the fixture. If the referee rejects the fixture it will also inform the league. Once the fixture is either rejected or accepted it will no longer appear in the current assignments list but will appear in the rejected or accepted assignment list instead.

    Accepted Assignments
    These are a list of fixtures that have been accepted by a particular referee, there is the option of rejecting this fixture up to a certain deadline.

    Rejected Assignments
    These are a list of fixtures that have been rejected by a particular referee, there is the option of accepting this fixture up to a certain deadline.

    My Assignments
    This is a full record of all fixtures for a referee. Different fixture types, accepted, and rejected can be viewed here.

  11. REFEREE: My Results, My Availability, My Assignments, My Expenses, My Payments

    My Results
    This is a full record of all results for a referee. Match details can be added here – example match report, discipline etc.

    My Availability
    This is a full record of availability for a referee. Referees can log in and add, edit or delete dates that they will not be available during the year. The league will be flagged if selecting a referee that has marked himself unavailable in this section.

    My Assignments
    This is a full record of all fixtures for a referee. Different fixture types, accepted, and rejected can be viewed here.

    My Expenses/Payments

    Full visibility on expenses and payments when logged in to your own Referee Account.

  12. MORE……
    • Assign Roles to each official (Referee / Assessor / Assistant Referee / TMO etc.) Create new roles as required.
    • Link officials to Clubs
    • Track games officiated by Match officials through our ‘integrated’ Competition Game Management.
    • Reports on Travel / Expenses claims / Payments / Billing / Notifications
    • Fully configurable data – manage which fields are “Required” or “Optional”
    • Match officials login to record match reports, discipline reports, accept and reject games with full history available to referee & Administrator
    • Record official kit size
    • Communicate with officials using integrated email and SMS modules
    • Attach Pictures, and Document to individual records
    • Share referees, umpires, officials across other regions
    • Colour coded alerts to notify administrator of potential conflicts in assignments
    • Check for Duplicates / Ability to merge records
    • Hosting, training, ongoing support all inclusive in cost.
Munster rugby use sportlomo for Rugby Leagues

SportLoMo's Referee Management System has revolutionized our match official appoinments. We assign referees and match officials to games, the system notifies the official by email and SMS text. They then log in and accept or reject their assignment. We can also monitor performance and view each player's playing history from underage right up to senior level. It really is a fantastic piece of software.

John King - Munster Rugby Munster Rugby Website

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