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Thousands of games (fixtures), results and competitions are managed annually through our competition management system. Some of our sports include rugby, soccer, basketball, tennis, GAA, softball, volleyball, netball, Olympic handball, lacrosse and most other major sports.      

Our core belief when creating our Competition Management system in 2007 was to reduce an administrator’s workload, avoid duplication and save time.

Create your entire season schedule in minutes with a few clicks (Auto-Schedule Generator). Choose your competition structure. Set criteria such as how many games per week, away/home games, playoffs, fields, blackouts, Create seasons, divisions and teams for your league and distribute team rosters, factor in bye weeks, team preferences, tournament seeds and blackout dates, auto-publish the game schedule to your website.  Our competition system is extensive but simple to use.

Game Schedules are easily created and can cater for multiple formats such as league and cup formats.  Every competition is configurable within the system as SportLoMo knows that there are often different scoring systems between adult and youth or different grades.
Clubs, venues, referees, age grades, score allocations can all be easily altered by administrators at any time, results and fixtures emails can be automatically generated from the system and emailed in multiple formats to media and fans (automated).
With our live scoring (closed loop SMS scoring system) results are returned minutes after the final whistle so it is not necessary for administrators to log in at weekends.

Note:  We do all the work to set you up on our software and we guarantee to have you, confidently, up and running in no time


Using SportLoMo is the best move our league has ever made as I now have all my Saturdays free, I'm not spending hours compiling scores and calculating league tables

Brian O'Reilly - Carlow Soccer League
Dermot O'Mahoney, Leinster Rugby Coordinator

The Player Stats module now inform us of the actual participation levels and the demographics of who is playing our game, at each age grade. We can evaluate if players are getting enough games, or if some players might be playing too many competitive games. We have all of this valuable information, in realtime, and yet we have reduced our work load.

Dermot O’Mahoney, - Leinster Rugby Domestic Competitions Manager, Ireland www.leinsterrugby.ie/

Summary Reports and Data Analytics for National Governing Sports Bodies

Data and Analytics for NGO's and Leagues
Our competition system provides valuable data and analytics for Governing sports bodies and leagues.  (Up to twenty Management and Summary reports and graphs of game and player data).  You can generate reports by gender, age grade, competition level  etc. Your organisation determine the tags to be used for each competition and ultimately the reports you want to generate to help manage your sport and measure the effectiveness of how your resources are being deployed.  

  1. League Management: Competition and Game Management

    Fixture/Games Editor – Fixtures Report

    Games Conceded – Sorted by Club Name

    Games Conceded – Sorted by Competition Sequence

    Season Reports – Club Competitions – Summary report

    Season Report – Season activity – played games by day of week

    Season Report – Season activity – summary report

    Reports – Fixtures (Games) to XL file

    Fixtures – Results (Word/Excel/HTML)

    Export League Table/Standings in Document format

    Export Competitions (Combined Fixtures and Results)

    Overdue Results (non-returned results)

  2. League Membership and Club Membership

    Master list (all inclusive), Players,  Active Members.

    Track Payments, Monitor renewals / lapsed members.

    Categorise members by type, affiliate members, family members.

    Membership by region, division and club

  3. All-in-one Referee Software / Umpire Management

    Referee Report – Games Refereed

    Referee Performance Report

    Overdue Results

    Print Labels for Referee card DOC

    Generate Official Referee Report Form

    Returned Teamsheets

    Referees appointed by Comp

    Referee availability

    Referee unavailability

  4. Discipline, Injuries and Concussion

    Discipline Report

    Injury Report

    Concussion Management Online

    Grading, re-grading players

    Players playing history (red, yellow cards, scores, assists, positions etc)

    Recorded Medical waivers

    Electronic Team Sheets Returned Report

  5. Activity and Data Analytic Reports / Management Reports

    Competition Level Activity Report

    Club Activity Report

    Team Activity Report

    Players Summary Report

    Player Individual Report

  6. Communication with Players, Parents, Underage, Members, Officials and Fans

    Create/Edit Automated e-mail reports to media

    Weekly Results email with scores for your favourite team

    Website – Google Analytics

    Twitter Live feed stats

    SMS text message summary report

Portuguese Volleyball Federation Crest

The organisation of 8 Nations Tournament Volleyball U17 Women, in Portugal, was a success. SportLoMo software helped us to have results and fixtures published on our website, and also the table standings updated in real time.

Rui Duarte, IT Manager - Portuguese Volleyball Federation Portuguese Volleyball Federation
British Columbia Rugby Union Canada join SportLomo

The British Columbia Rugby Union, Canada, will commence using SportLoMo software for the 2016 – 2017 season. BC Rugby is one of the largest provincial rugby unions in Canada with over 7,600 registered through 59 Rugby Clubs.

British Columbia Rugby BC Rugby join Sportlomo

Live Scoring Technology

REALTIME Scores are returned by SMS text message typically from the side of the pitch – using our unique closed loop text message technology. Scores from only approved Scorekeepers are recognised by the system. This guarantees results are accurate and official.   

The system instantly updates your league standings, website, app, twitter and emails in realtime. No human intervention required!  Similarly if an administrator changes a game schedule it automatically updates your website, app, emails. Many of our sports organisations use referees or umpires to return game scores.
SportLoMo works through seasons – a new year means a new season but any season can be accessed at any time. Long-time users such as Leinster Rugby (Ireland) can access results and tables (standings) as far back as 2008.

Referee, Scorekeeper inputs match result from side of pitch

Tournament and Sports Event Management

Run your day / weekend blitz, tournament on SportLoMo.  Live scoring from the side of the pitch/court. Tables/standings updated in realtime as a score is returned to the system.  Results and fixtures published in realtime to the web i.e.  ‘Match Day Score Centre’.

Our Competition Game Management can be used on a standalone basis; it is not necessary to switch your Membership Registration to SportLoMo.

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