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Amateur sport is managed largely by a few paid sports administrators and a raft of volunteers and coaches who give up their free time to coordinate their sport. If you are one of these persons, you need to talk to us, our users estimate our software saves 15 hours+ per week and reduces the hassle and headache of running amateur sport.

Sportlomo does the work for you, it significantly cuts down on manual input as the system is highly automated. Therefore, unlike many other programs. it doesn't require you to be sitting in front of a computer all weekend (often the busiest time for sports admin).

The Sportlomo name is based on the new SoLoMo technology trend.  SoLoMo is short for "social" "local" "mobile".

New england rugby app

Sportlomo total amateur sports solution on one platform

Sportlomo is an online web (cloud) software, hosted on our servers.  We do all the setup to get you up and running and we configure the system to suit your needs.  All our support and upgrades are free of charge.

Our system is used to manage thousands of sports competitions from Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada, Arab Emirates, USA to New Zealand. The platform is used by sports administrators to manage sports data relevant to a million sports enthusiasts. 

Our team is quite diverse and based in a number of countries (we speak over nine languages).  We are headquartered in Ireland.

With our huge experience of working hand-in-hand with volunteers, registrars, administrators, coaches, referees, players and NGB’s we understand and know exactly what will make your job easier.  But you don't want to hear about all about us......just what can we do for you.

We are a new type of company, we do things differently.....

  • We don't do complicated software, unnecessary bells and whistles and charge for every extra modification/add-on. Our software is simple - it has different user levels from top level sports governing bodies down to clubs and teams.

  • We constantly add new functionality and upgrades are free. You just log-on to the system and use the latest software (backed up by our excellent service).

  • We provide SportLoMo to you at a low cost as we leverage the interest in your sport via sponsorship, advertising, media and web feeds, club services etc. We do this with your full agreement.

  • We will provide your league, association, division, region with a robust social, local, mobile presence that will enhance your connection to your players, members, new-recruits, parents and sponsors.

  • SportLoMo can be used by National Governing bodies, League, Association, Federation, State, Division, College, School, Town Council, Municipality and a Club. Sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Lacrosse, Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball, GAA, Netball, Softball, Handball and more.

We have closed an equity investment and are embarking on a rapid expansion into international markets. To support this expansion we are seeking international sports and entrepreneurial business partners - more here.


SportLomo operates as Sports Manager in Ireland. 

British Columbia Rugby Union Canada join SportLomo

The British Columbia Rugby Union, Canada, will commence using SportLoMo software for the 2016 – 2017 season. BC Rugby is one of the largest provincial rugby unions in Canada with over 7,600 registered through 59 Rugby Clubs.

British Columbia Rugby BC Rugby join Sportlomo
UAE youth football, United Arab Emirates

I just wanted to thank Sportlomo for an outstanding job and contribution to the success of the du Football Champions. Also congratulations should be in order as the tournament and Inspiratus were both winners at the Sports Industry Awards yesterday, your contribution and support helped us reach that.

Dina Al Husseini, Sports Event Coordinator -, Schools and Football Champions, United Arab Emirates
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